Sunday, March 13, 2011

Image: Pica et Columba

M0497 - M0498 - M0499
498. Pica et Columba. Pica et columba pavonem convenerant, ut eum salutarent. Dum revertuntur, maledica pica “Quantopere,” inquit, “mihi displicet pavo! Quam insuaves edit sonos! Cur non silet? Cur non occultat pedes deformes?” Cui respondit innocens columba, “Vitia eius non observavi, verum formositatem corporis caudaeque nitorem adeo mirata sum, ut non possim eum satis praedicare.” Boni bona, mali mala exquirunt; illi ut laudare, hi ut carpere possint.

M0498 (not in Perry). Source: Ahn 25. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog, but there is a version in Desbillons 6.20, which appears to be original to Desbillons. When complaining to Juno, the peacock mentions its ugly song, but not its ugly feet: #544. For the magpie as a malicious gossip, see #496. For another fable about finding the good and the bad in things, see #671.

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