Friday, August 13, 2010

PDF Copies of the book - Free!

To distribute this book as widely as possible, in addition to the printed copies available from ($19.95 paperback), I have made a complete PDF version of the book available for free download here. Please download a copy: the fables want to be read! :-)

Even if you have a printed copy of the book, you might find it useful to have a PDF copy as well:
  • You can use the PDF version to print out selected pages (or the whole book), with room for notes.
  • You can read the fables and notes together, using two copies of the PDF in two different windows.
  • You can search the PDF for words and phrases.
  • You can use a PDF viewer (such as GoodReader) to read the book on your iPad or iPhone.

What’s the catch? Free copies?
There is no catch: my goal in creating this book is to reach as many readers as I can. So, I am glad to be able to share copies of the book with anyone who wants one. Teachers: please encourage your students to get their own free PDF copy of the book!

Thank you, Oklahoma! I earn my living as an instructor at the University of Oklahoma, which allows me to devote my summers to Aesop and the Latin fables. So, if you are enjoying a free PDF copy of this book, you can thank President David Boren of the University of Oklahoma and the College of Arts & Sciences Online Course Program.

If you have suggestions or comments about how I can make this website more useful to you in your exploration of the fables, please let me know!