Saturday, October 28, 2017

M0001. Leo et Canis

Incipit: M0001 + EnglishM0002

1. Leo et Canis. Occurrit canis leoni et iocatur, “Quid tu, miser, exhaustus inedia, percurris silvas et devia? Me specta pinguem ac nitidum, atque haec non labore consequor, sed otio.” Tum leo, “Habes tu quidem tuas epulas, sed habes stolide etiam vincula. Tu servus esto, qui servire potes; equidem sum liber, nec servire volo.”

M0001 = Perry346. Source: Avianus 37 (adapted into prose). This is Perry 346. Compare the fable of the dog and the wolf, #99.

1. The Lion and the Dog. A dog runs into a lion and jokes, "You wretched creature, worn out with hunger, why do you run through the woods and byways? Look at me, fat and shining, and I obtain these things not by working, but while taking it easy." Then the lion replied, "You indeed have your feasts, but you foolsihly have your chains also. Be a servant, you who are able to serve; in any case I am free, and I will not be a servant."