Monday, August 23, 2010


I'll be keeping a list of errata here. When I get a substantial list I'll do a revised version of the book both at along with a revised PDF, too. If you notice errors that need fixing, please let me know!

~ ~ ~

Fable 9: non potes habere

Fable 16: secundam mihi tribuetis, quia sum fortissimus;

Fable 116: In quadam brutorum animalium corona, simius saltabat.

Fable 306: promittens se quoque eis non defuturum.

Fable 351: levissima quaeque

Fable 379: better paene than pene

Fable 398: per luxuriam et ebrietatem

Fable 432: videns hanc esse fraxinum

Fable 672, Apes et Musca, is not in Perry, but Fable 648, Formica et Musca, is Perry 521 (the Perry references are reversed in the book).

Fable 691 liliorum

Fable 777: asumpto should read: absumpto.

The title of Fable 931 should read: Pater, Filii, et Agrorum Cultura.

Fable 805. asino tuo primo appone manu,

Fable 994. Cum igitur olla coqueretur in caupona, tantisper delectabatur