Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustrated: Lupus et Puer Mendax

M0075 - M0076 - English - M0077

76. Lupus et Puer Mendax. Puer mendax, qui patris gregem pascebat, libenter alios ludificabatur. Aliquando ingentem clamorem sustulit, “Auxilio venite; lupus adest!” Accurrunt propere rustici et ridentur. Proximo mense, hunc dolum repetivit. Paulo post, re vera lupus apparet. Iam rursus clamat, “Auxilio venite; lupus adest!” At nemo accurrit. Maiore voce clamat, lacrimat, eiulat; frustra omnia. “Tertium nos decipere vult,” inquiunt rustici. Ita lupus in gregem irrupit et plurimas oves dilaniavit.

Puer Mendax

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M0076 = Perry210. Source: Gildersleeve 13. This is Perry 210. For another story about a boy who learns a lesson the hard way, see the story of the boy and the honey, #914. Read a Fabula Facilis version of this fable.

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  1. Absolute classic! Not because it's particularly good, but just because it's so well known.