Sunday, August 22, 2010

Illustrated: Ranae et Sol

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607. Ranae et Sol. Ranae laetabantur cum nuntiatum esset Solem uxorem duxisse. Sed una, ceteris prudentior, “O vos stolidos,” inquit, “nonne meministis quantopere vos saepe unius Solis aestus excruciet? Quid igitur fiet, cum liberos etiam procreaverit?”

Ranae et Sol

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M0607 = Perry314. Source: Jacobs & Doering 43. This is Perry 314. In Phaedrus’s version of this story, he tells us that Aesop used this story in order to warn some foolish people not to rejoice when their neighbor, a notorious thief, celebrated his wedding, because the final result would be more thieves in the neighborhood. For the motif of the multiplying suns, see the story of the eagle and the owl, #415, or the story of the earth and the sun, #743.