Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Illustrated: Simia et Vulpes, Iter Facientes

M0111 - M0112 - M0113
112. Simia et Vulpes, Iter Facientes. Vulpes et simia eundem in locum faciebant iter. Cum per sepulchra eas via duceret, simia ad vulpem “Omnes,” inquit, “quos hic sepultos vides, parentum meorum liberti erant.” “Callide,” respondet vulpes, “mentita es. Nec enim horum quisquam, qui humati sunt, te potest convincere.”

Vulpes et Simius Superbus

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M0112 = Perry014. Source: Syntipas 14 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 14. For another story about a boasting monkey with human pretensions, see #594. Compare also the story of the lion and the man boasting, #13, or the story of the boasting traveler, #974.