Monday, August 23, 2010

Illustrated: Tubicen Captus

M0863 - M0864 - English - M0865

864. Tubicen Captus. Tubicen, ab hostibus captus, “Ne me,” inquit, “interficite; nam inermis sum, neque quidquam habeo praeter hanc tubam.” At hostes “Propter hoc ipsum,” inquiunt, “te interimemus quod, cum ipse pugnandi sis imperitus, alios ad pugnam incitare soles.”

Tubicen Captivus

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M0864 = Perry370. Source: Collar 11. This is Perry 370. Compare the fable of the thieves and the rooster, #554.


  1. Where can one find these Latin Fables with the English translations of same?

  2. Most of them haven't been translated, but I am glad to answer any questions you have about the Latin.