Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Illustrated: Vulpes et Asinus Pelle Leonis Indutus

M0055 - M0056 - M0057
56. Vulpes et Asinus Pelle Leonis Indutus. Asinus, pelle leonis indutus, per nemora, reliqua bruta perterrens, vagabatur. Vulpe autem conspecta, ipsi quoque timorem iniicere conatus est. Sed haec, ubi casu eius vocem audivit, “Scias velim,” inquit, “quod et ego te sane pertimuissem, nisi rudentem audivissem.”

Asinus in Pelle Leonis

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M0056 = Perry358. Source: De Furia 141. This is Perry 358. For another story about the donkey in the lion’s skin, see #234. See also the fable of the wolf dressed as a sheep, #86.