Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mille Fabulae et Una PLUS NoDictionaries.com

SharonK over at LatinTeach just asked me a great question: is it possible to use NoDictionaries.com for help in reading the fables? YES: it is. I had not thought the text files of the fables would be useful to others, but they could indeed be cut-and-pasted into NoDictionaries.com.

So, here is the index of all the fables in the book in text file format, good for cutting and pasting: Mille Fabulae et Una Text Files.

You can find the fable you are looking for by its number, or by using Control-F to search the webpage for a word in the title. Click on the link, and you will get a simple text file of the fable. Admittedly, I had to create these files by hand, so if you see a misnumbered fable in there, please let me know and I will get it fixed.

So, for example, just at random I grabbed Fable 17, Leo Epulum Faciens. It did a great job! Here's a screenshot of the results for the opening sentences:

Wonderful! Thanks as always to Lee Butterman for this fantastic online tool, and by using the text file version of the fables, you can enjoy the interactive vocabulary help that NoDictionaries.com provides. I'll add a link to the Text File index to the List of Links sidebar, so that it will be available on every page of the blog!