Thursday, September 23, 2010

Illustrated: Formicae et Cicada

M0651 - M0652 - M0653
652. Formicae et Cicada. Formicae fruges per hiemem humectatas siccabant. Has adit cicada, esuriens, et rogat paululum cibi ut sibi impertiant. Cui illae, “Aestate,” inquiunt, “quaerere te oportuit.” “Non vacabat,” inquit cicada. “Quid faciebas igitur?” “Cantationibus operam dabam,” inquit. Tum illae, “Si cecinisti,” inquiunt, “aestate, hieme saltato.”

Formica et Cicada

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M0652 = Perry373. Source: Morris 67. This is Perry 373. For an amusing variation on this story, see the fable of the ant and the swallow, #484. Meanwhile, to find out what happens to the ant’s storehouse in winter, see the fable of the pig and the ant, #653. Read a Fabula Facilis version of this fable.