Friday, September 17, 2010

Illustrated: Sterquilinium et Poma

M0738 - M0739 - M0740

739. Sterquilinium et Poma. Forte sublatum cum pomis sterquilinium subita aquarum eluvione fluitabat in eo loco ubi dudum iacuerat. Tum se illud et in aquis vehi et ferri cum pomis praeclarum existimans, “Quam scite nos,” inquit, “poma natamus.” Sed paulo post, umiditate dissolutum, in aquis evanuit.

The horse-dung and the apples (illustration by William Mulready, 1807: source).

M0739 (not in Perry). Source: Camerarius 395. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog, although the proverb Nos poma natamus! was well-known in the Middle Ages, and is even cited by Martin Luther. Compare the fable of the camel and his dung, #146.