Monday, September 6, 2010

Illustrated: Sus et Canis, Contendentes

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343. Sus et Canis, Contendentes. Sus et canis de pariendi facilitate contendebant. Porro cum canis se citius animalibus omnibus filios suos in lucem edere affirmaret, sus, ad eam conversa, “Heus tu,” inquit, “dum haec dicis, memento te eos caecos parere.” Fabula declarat non ex celeritate sed ex perfectione de rebus esse iudicandum.

Sus et Canis

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M0343 = Perry223. Source: De Furia 186. This is Perry 223. Compare the debate between the sow and the lioness about their offspring, #9. For another story about haste, see the fable of the gourd that grows in a hurry, #716.