Saturday, October 2, 2010

Illustrated: Mors et Pauper

M0815 - M0816 - English - M0817

816. Mors et Pauper. Pauper quidam lignorum fasciculum portabat humeris. Longo deinde itinere fatigatus, onere se levavit, consedit humi, et flebili voce advocavit Mortem. Illa continuo adest, interrogans quid se velit. Respondet pauper, “Humi ut tolleres hunc fascem mihi, huc ego te vocavi.” Adeo in miseris etiam vitae amantes sunt mortales.

Senex et Mors

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M0816 = Perry060. Source: Syntipas 2 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 60. Sometimes this story is told about an old man, and sometimes about a poor man, as here. Compare the story of the mouse who wants to live, #211.