Thursday, October 14, 2010

Image: Vulpes et Luna

M0037 - M0038 - English - M0039

38. Vulpes et Luna. Vulpes quaedam de nocte ambulavit secus fluentum viditque umbram lunae in aquis apparere et caseum esse putavit. Coepit igitur aquam lambere, sperans quod, exhausto flumine, fundus arefactus caseum sibi reseraret. Sic igitur non cessavit donec se ipsam lambendo suffocavit.

Image Source: Karin Jones, artist.

M0038 = Perry669. Source: Romulus Anglicus 48. This is Perry 669. The fox is fooled again by the moon in the water in #70. For another story about drinking the river, see the story of the dogs and the hide, #349.


  1. secus is a preposition here,
    Later use of quod
    ipsam lambendo is late Latin use of gerund and object instead of noun and gerundive

  2. the Romulus Anglicus is very much a medieval source; here is that Romulus as published by Hervieux.