Sunday, March 20, 2011

Image: Testudo et Vulpes, Certantes

M0638 - M0639 - M0640
639. Testudo et Vulpes, Certantes. Suscepto cursus certamine inter vulpem et testudinem, dicitur testudo se caudae vulpinae implicuisse et ita hanc a currente vulpe raptatam fuisse ad locum praefinitum, a quo cum proxime abesset vulpes, respexisse fertur et per iocum dixisse non se putasse tam celerem esse testudinem, cum illa de cauda ad signum conversa arrepere perrexit et, non animadvertente vulpecula, illud tenuit. Docet fabula ingenium viribus praestare.

M0639 (not in Perry). Source: Camerarius 390. This fable is not included in Perry’s catalog. In races with the rabbit (#637) and with the eagle (#638), the turtle does not resort to trickery, as she does here. For the hedgehog using a trick to win a race, see #185. See also the story of the eagle and the little regulus bird, #411.