Monday, August 8, 2011

Image: Galerita et Pater Eius

M0505 - M0506 - M0507
506. Galerita et Pater Eius. Aesopus ait galeritam, avium primam omnium, ante terram generatam fuisse, ac deinde patrem eius morbo extinctum, cum terra non esset, quinque dies insepultum iacuisse; illam autem, quidnam ageret incertam ob rei difficultatem, patrem denique in capite sepeliisse.

M0506 = Perry447. Source: De Furia 415. This is Perry 447. Although the metamorphosis is not made explicit in this version of the story, this is an aetiological story about how the bird got its crest. The story is sometimes told about the crested lark or about the hoopoe, a bird which is famous for its crest.

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