Friday, December 2, 2011

Image: Rusticus, Canis, et Iurisconsultus

M0819 - M0820 - M0821

820. Rusticus, Canis, et Iurisconsultus. Praeclarus iurisconsultus publicos ludos quondam spectabat. Subito vir rusticus occurrit. “Da mihi,” inquit, “responsum, o vir praeclare; canis divitis vicini meum agrum intravit, necavitque tres pullos. Quantam tu mulctam domino canis imponis?” “Quattuor asses,” respondit iurisconsultus. “Da mihi igitur asses,” inquit rusticus; “tuus enim canis erat reus.” “Res aequa est,” iterum respondit iurisconsultus, “et libenter tibi quattuor asses dabo. At tu primum numera mihi quinque asses, numquam enim iurisconsulti sine mercede dant responsa.”

M0820 (not in Perry). Source: Gradatim 21, where the story is attributed to a certain lawyer named “Roscius.” This fable is not included in Perry’s catalog. For another joking story about a lawyer, see the farmer and his goat, #821.

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