Friday, October 8, 2010

Illustrated: Scorpio et Iuvenis

M0660 - M0661 - M0662
661. Scorpio et Iuvenis. Iuvenis quidam in locis remotis et desertis capiebat cicadas. Quas inter videns scorpionem, eum quoque cicadam esse credens, extento bracchio cupiebat humo tollere. Scorpio autem, aculeo suo ad pungendum exserto, ita illum est allocutus, “Si me ausus fuisses tangere, effecissem, ut quas cicadas cepisses, dimitteres.”

Puer et Scorpius

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M0661 = Perry199. Source: Syntipas 39 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 199. Compare the fable of the viper and the traveler, #622.

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