Sunday, August 22, 2010

Illustrated: Asinus et Tympana

M0244 - M0245 - M0246
245. Asinus et Tympana. Negotiator in via cum asello festinabat nundinas. Onusto asino male flagello et fuste caedebat ut citius posset venire lucri causa. Asellus sperabat ut post mortem esset securus; quassatus, moritur. De pelle eius facta sunt tympana et cribra, quae semper battuntur, et qui putabat post mortem esse securus, post mortem caeditur.

negotiator et asinus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. As often in Steinhowel's Aesop, both stages of the story are shown in one frame: on the left you can see the long-suffering donkey, and on the right you can see the donkey being "drummed" even after his death.
M0245 = Perry164. Source: Ademar 47. This is Perry 164. The ancient Greek version is about a donkey belonging to the priests of Cybele, who were notorious for their frenzied drumming and dancing.