Sunday, August 22, 2010

Illustrated: Asinus Res Sacras Portans

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249. Asinus Res Sacras Portans. Asinus quidam res sacras portabat, ratus sese venerari homines. Itaque erectus incedebat, tamquam sibi tus illud atque carmina acciperet. Cuius errorem cum mox vidit aliquis, “Mi asine,” inquit, “istam vanitatem tibi excute. Non te, sed istas res sacras caerimoniis colunt; isti divo haec religio debetur.”

Asinus Sacra Portans

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Billinghurst images. In the ancient world, the donkey was usually carrying an image of Isis, but here the story has been adapted to a Christian context!

M0249 = Perry182. Source: La Fontaine 5.14 (translated into Latin prose by Moore). This is Perry 182. Compare the fable of the donkey carrying flowers and manure, #248.