Sunday, October 29, 2017

M0003. Leo Furens et Caprea

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3. Leo Furens et Caprea. Conspecto leone furente, “O miseram et infelicem conditionem bestiarum,” inquit caprea, “siquidem etiam furiosos habiturae sumus leones, quorum mentis et rationis compotum saevitiam intolerabilem esse experimur.

Leo Mente Captus et Caprea

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M0003 = Perry341. Source: Camerarius 149. This is Perry 341. Compare the frog’s alarm about the angry bulls, #608. There is a Greek version in Babrius.

3. The Raging Lion and the Goat. When she saw the lion in a rage, the she-goat said, "O the wretched and unhappy lives of animals, if we have to cope with lions in a rage, when we know their savageness to be unbearable even when they are sound in mind and thought."