Saturday, December 9, 2017

M0013: Leo et Homo, Concertantes

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13. Leo et Homo, Concertantes. Homo et leo inter se concertabant quis eorum esset superior et, cum venissent ut quaererent huius altercationis testimonium ad monumentum ubi erat pictura quomodo ab homine leo suffocaretur, ostendit leoni homo testimonium in pictura. Cui leo sic ait, “Hoc ab homine pictum est. Nam si leo pingere posset, pinxisset quomodo leo suffocasset hominem. Veni mecum et dabo tibi verum testimonium.” Deduxit leo hominem ad amphitheatrum, et ostendit illi veram fidem quomodo homo a leone suffocatur et dixit homini, “Hoc testimonium non est color, sed opus in veritate factum.”

Leo et Statua

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M0013 = Perry284. Source: Romulus Florentinus 3.37. This is Perry 284. Compare the story of the monkey boasting to the fox, #112.

13. The Lion and the Man, Debating. A man and a lion debated one another which of them was mightier. When to seek evidence for their dispute they came to a monument with a painting which showed how a lion was being strangled by a man, the man pointed out to the lion the proof in the painting. To this the lion said, "This was painted by a man. For if a lion could paint, he would have painted how a lion strangled the man. Come with me, and I will show you real proof." The lion led the man to an amphitheater, and he showed him true credence how a man is strangled by a lion, and he said to the man: "This evidence is not outward show, but a work done in truth."