Monday, November 27, 2017

M0011: Leo et Iaculator

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11. Leo et Iaculator. Quidam, iaculandi peritus, in montem venatum profectus est. Animalia, ubi eum conspexerunt, quaelibet sibi fuga consuluere. Leo solus eum in pugnam provocavit. Tunc venator, iaculum emittens et leonem feriens, “Nuntium meum hunc accipe,” inquit, “et qualis sit vide; haud mora ipse quoque ad te veniam.” Vulneratus leo in fugam protinus se coniecit. Quem cum vulpes ut animum sumeret et resisteret hortaretur, “Nequaquam,” ait, “me decipies, amica; si enim tam acerbum nuntium habet, cum ipse venerit, haud sane potero sustinere.”

Sagittarius, Leo et Vulpes

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Weir images. If you look closely, you can see the arrow sticking in the poor lion!

M0011 = Perry340. Source: De Furia 323. This is Perry 340. For another story about the human archer, see #154.

11. The Lion and the Dart-Thrower. A skilled dart-thrower went hunting in the mountains. The animals, when they saw him, decided to make escape any way they could. The lion alone challenged the man to a fight. Then the hunter hurled a dart and wounded the lion. "Receive this messenger of mine," he said, "and see what sort he is; without delay I myself will come to you." The wounded lion immediately dashed away. When the fox urged him to take courage and stand up to the man, the lion said, "No way! You're trying to trick me, my friend; for if he has such a sharp messenger, I surely won't be able to withstand him when he himself comes."