Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustrated: Lepores et Aquilae

M0164 - M0165 - English - M0166

165. Lepores et Aquilae. Lepores olim cum aquilis bellum gerentes in auxilium vulpes vocarunt. Hae vero hoc illis responsum dedere, “Vobis quidem suppetias ferremus, nisi qui vos et cum quibus sit decertandum nosceremus.”

Lepores et Vulpes

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Medici Aesop images. You can see the rabbit ambassador to the foxes on the left, and the other rabbits facing off against the eagles to the right.

M0165 = Perry256. Source: De Furia 108. This is Perry 256. Compare the foxes and the rabbits fighting against the dogs, #173.

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