Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustrated: Lupus, Ovis, et Leo

M0088 - M0089 - M0090
89. Lupus, Ovis, et Leo. Lupus quondam ovem de medio raptam grege ferebat domum. Cui occurrens, leo illam vi extorsit. Ac lupus, stans procul, “Contra ius mihi mea abstulisti,” clamavit. Quo delectatus, leo lupo respondit, non sine ludibrio, “Iure enim tibi fuerat ab amicis data?”

Leo et Lupus et Ovis Eius

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M0089 = Perry347. Source: Babrius 105 (translated into Latin prose). This is Perry 347. For another fable of thieves stealing from thieves, see #210.