Friday, August 27, 2010

Illustrated: Onager Asino Invidens

M0146 - M0147 - English - M0148

147. Onager Asino Invidens. Onager, prostratum in sole mansuetum asinum cernens, beatum illum iudicabat animo suo, qui et cute nitida et bene habito corpore esset. Mox videns eundem et onera ferre et ab agitatore fustibus caedi, “Non ego te,” inquit, “magis beatum esse duco; intellego enim cum quanta calamitate tua bona confusa sint.”

Asinus et Onager

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Medici Aesop images.The manuscript is damaged here, but you can see most of the onager off to the left watching the donkey grazing; then, on the right, the donkey is being beaten.

M0147 = Perry183. Source: Camerarius 110. This is Perry 183. The word onager, meaning “wild donkey,” is Greek in origin; it is a compound of the Greek word for donkey, onos, and the word for field, agros.