Monday, September 6, 2010

Illustrated: Canes Duo, Venaticus et Domesticus

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383. Canes Duo, Venaticus et Domesticus. Habens quidam duos canes, alterum venari, alterum domum custodire docuit. Ceterum si quando venaticus aliquid caperet, domesticus quoque eiusdem praedae particeps erat. Quod cum ille aegre ferret eique exprobraret quod, se quotidie laborante, ille iners suis laboribus frueretur, “Non ego sum,” domesticus inquit, “sed herus noster culpandus, qui non me laborare, sed alieno sudore parta comedere docuit.”

Canes Duo, Domesticus et Venaticus

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M0383 = Perry092. Source: De Furia 245. This is Perry 92. There is a similar story told about the legendary Spartan lawgiver Lycurgus (in Plutarch, Sayings of the Spartans): Lycurgus took two dogs and raised one dog to hunt and the other dog as a house dog, and thus demonstrated that education determines excellence.