Friday, September 10, 2010

Illustrated: Canes et Catulus Lupi

M0364 - M0365 - M0366
365. Canes et Catulus Lupi. Opilio, reperiens catulum lupi, domum tulit eumque inter canes, ovium custodes, aluit. Qui, ubi adolevit, oves occidebat, canesque, ut una secum comederent, edocebat. Quod opilio animadvertens, lupum quidem occidit; canes tamen, ut ab ovium caede temperarent, non poterat prohibere. Tunc pastor secum, “Merito plector, ut qui lupum canibus immiscui, qui eos oves occidere docuit.”

Lupus Familiaris et Pastor (2)

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M0365 (not in Perry). Source: Abstemius 124. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; Perry omitted most of Abstemius’s fables. For another plan gone awry, see the story of the man who lit the fox’s tail on fire, #831.