Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Illustrated: Grus et Lupus

M0474 - M0475 - English - M0476

475. Grus et Lupus. In faucibus lupi os inhaeserat. Mercede igitur conducit gruem, qui illud extrahat. Hoc grus longitudine colli facile effecit. Cum autem mercedem postularet, subridens lupus et dentibus infrendens, “Num tibi,” inquit, “parva merces videtur, quod caput incolume ex lupi faucibus extraxisti?”

lupus et grus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. This image definitely shows what a risk the foolish crane took in helping that wolf!

M0475 = Perry156. Source: Collar 14. This is Perry 156. For another story about a long-beaked bird, see the stork and the fox, #469, or the heron and the hawk, #478.


  1. nice fable, F period AP Latin enjoyed it
    agas diem bonum!

  2. That one is a classic! There is a jataka version from India about a woodpecker and a lion:
    Woodpecker and Lion
    I like both versions, Aesopic and Buddhist. :-)