Monday, November 8, 2010

Illustrated: Cancer et Filius Eius

M0585 - M0586 - M0587
586. Cancer et Filius Eius. Cancer dicebat filio, “Mi fili, ne sic obliquis semper gressibus incede, sed recta via perge.” Cui ille “Mi pater,” respondit, “libenter tuis praeceptis obsequar, si te prius idem facientem videro.”

Cancri Duo

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M0586 = Perry322. Source: Collar 7. This is Perry 322. Compare the story of the goose and the gosling, #574. For a fable where the crab plays the role of the “straight” character, see #587. For another example of simplicitas, see the story of the dove and her nest, #516.