Sunday, November 7, 2010

Image: Asinus et Lyra

M0216 - M0217 - M0218
217. Asinus et Lyra. Asinus lyram vidit in prato iacentem; accessit et chordas temptavit ungula. Tactae, sonuere. “Bella res, mehercules, male cessit,” inquit, “quia artis sum nescius. Si hanc reperisset aliquis prudentior, divinis cantibus aures oblectasset.”

(image source: Eglise St-Pierre d'Aulnay, 12th century)

M0217 = Perry542. Source: Phaedrus, Perotti’s Appendix 6.14 (adapted into prose). This is Perry 542. For the donkey’s lack of musical ability, see #232 or #866. See also the fable of the man and the lyre, #756.

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