Sunday, November 7, 2010

Image: Herinaceus et Colubra

M0183 - M0184 - M0185
184. Herinaceus et Colubra. Herinaceus colubrae cutem teneram spiculis suis pupugerat et sauciaverat. Illa continuo hanc offensiunculam vindicare parat, furore magno ardens. Animo tumente saevit, in hostem ruit, et totum circumvolvit. At ipsa undique telis obstantibus circum sese induit. Frustra ergo sic tentat damnum leve ulcisci, simulque in malum magnum incurrit.

(image source: a medieval hedgehog)

M0184 (not in Perry). Source: Desbillons 14.18 (adapted into prose). This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; it appears original to Desbillons, as he cites no source. For another story about hedgehogs and snakes, see #183.

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