Sunday, November 7, 2010

Image: Lupi et Rusticus

M0074 - M0075 - M0076
75. Lupi et Rusticus. Rusticus arietem excoriatum portavit ad forum, quem lupi consequebantur. Quibus rusticus, “Quamdiu me sequi proponitis?” Cui lupi, “Quamdiu? Quamdiu arietem portabis.” Et ait rusticus, “Malo arietem dimittere quam tales comites habere.” Et statim arietem proiicit.

M0075 (not in Perry). Source: Odo, Parable 69. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; Perry was not systematic in his coverage of medieval sources. For a quite different story where a man is persuaded to put down what he is carrying, see #906.