Friday, November 12, 2010

Image: Talpa et Tumulus

M0186 - M0187 - M0188
187. Talpa et Tumulus Talpa larem tenebricosum, sub humo intubis et rapulis consita, fodiebat, et “Olitor,” inquit, “Argo oculatior fuerit, si me deprehenderit tam bene latentem.” Sed, dum glaebulas trudit et sursum aggerit, tumulus fit qui latentis operam indicat, et olitor advertit. Insidias in ipsis latebrae faucibus collocat et incautam capit. Aliqua via, malefici semper se produnt.

M0187 (not in Perry). Source: Desbillons 7.15 (adapted into prose). This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; it appears original to Desbillons, as he cites no source. In Greek mythology, Argus was a giant with one hundred eyes; he was also known as “Argus Panoptes,” the All-Seeing Argus. Compare the fable of the goatherd and the goat, #318.

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