Monday, July 18, 2011

Image: Coriarius et Dives

M0861 - M0862 - M0863

862. Coriarius et Dives. Dives, prope coriarium habitans neque fetorem ferre valens, ut discederet instabat. Is vero id in longum differebat, brevi se discessurum promittens. Sed cum continuo maneret, tandem contigit ut alter sensim assuesceret nec amplius malo odore molestaretur. Indicat fabula consuetudine res difficiles leniri.

M0862 = Perry204. Source: De Furia 316. This is Perry 204. The tanner's trade was notoriously foul-smelling. For other examples of growing accustomed to something, see the story of the camel, #144, and the fox and the lion, #26.