Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Image: Palumbes, Cornix, et Venator

M0523 - M0524 - M0525
524. Palumbes, Cornix, et Venator. Venator, collineans, arcum tendebat, visa palumbe. Cui cornix, “Quid restitas? Hanc sagittam quae tibi minatur non vides?” “Video,” inquit illa, “sed quam venator retro ad se reducit, me petere nedum velit.” Dum misera palumbes sic ipsam se decipit, sagitta volans transverberat improvidam.

M0524 (not in Perry). Source: Desbillons 5.8 (adapted into prose). This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; it appears original to Desbillons, as he cites no source. For another animal with a false sense of confidence when confronted by a hunter, see the story of the rabbit, #178, or the fawn and the hunter, #154.