Sunday, October 16, 2011

Image: Pluto et Hercules

M0802 - M0803 - M0804

803. Pluto et Hercules. Hercules, caelo receptus propter virtutem, cum Deos gratulantes persalutasset, oculos avertit Pluto (qui Fortunae est filius) veniente. Pater causam quaesivit. “Odi,” inquit, “illum, quia malis amicus est simulque, lucro obiecto, cuncta corrumpit.”

M0803 = Perry111. Source: Phaedrus 4.12 (adapted into prose). This is Perry 111. The Greek word ploutos means wealth (as in the English word “plutocracy”); the Greek god of wealth, Ploutos, was Romanized as Plutus. Jupiter is the father of gods and of men, and of Hercules in particular. For another mention of Pluto, see the story of gout and the spider, #663.