Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update: camera-ready copy at the printers

Well, fingers crossed: I sent off the camera-ready copy to the printers on Friday and sometime next week I should get the first printed copy back. I'm notoriously bad at the tricky details of camera-ready copy (mirroring of the odd and even pages, gutters, stuff like that) but if I got lucky and it looks good, I should be releasing the book and the free PDF versions here around August 20. If I have to do a second print to get the layout correct, the book will debut around September 1.

Meanwhile, there is plenty you can read here at the blog, since I created a "random fable script" which pops up a fable at random... and when it is choosing from 1001 fables, it feels seriously random indeed. I bet you can refresh the page fifty times before you are likely to even see the same fable repeat. If you are curious about the source for the fables you see in the random script, just check the number of the fable against the Source Listings, which give you a link to the original online source I used.

Enjoy! :-)

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