Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illustrated: Testudo et Iuppiter

M0632 - M0633 - M0634
633. Testudo et Iuppiter. Iuppiter, nuptias celebrans, animalia omnia convivio excipiebat. Cum vero sola testudo nimis sero adventasset, Iuppiter, tarditatis causam ignorans, testudinem rogavit quam ob rem cum ceteris ad epulum tempestive non convenisset. Illa autem respondit, “Dilecta domus, optima domus.” Deus, ira percitus, eam ad domum continuo suis humeris circumferendam damnavit.

Iuppiter et Testudo

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M0633 = Perry106. Source: De Furia 79. This is Perry 106. For the story of how the eagle breaks the turtle’s shell, see #636. See also the fable about the snail and her shell, #641.

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