Sunday, October 3, 2010

Illustrated: Serpens et Vespa

M0616 - M0617 - M0618
617. Serpens et Vespa. Vespa, in serpentis capite olim insidens continuisque aculei sui ictibus feriens, atrociter ipsum vexabat. Serpens itaque, magnis doloribus excruciatus, cum eam nec ulcisci nec a se removere ullo modo posset, forte plaustrum multis lignis onustum cum vidisset, suum caput ultro rotae supposuit, “Moriamur,” aiens, “sed cum hoste moriamur.” Atque ita una cum vespa exstinctus est.

Vespa et Serpens

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M0617 = Perry216. Source: De Furia 179. This is Perry 216. For another fable about dying with your enemy, see the story of the sinking ship, #929.

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