Sunday, October 17, 2010

Illustrated: Vulpes in Tugurium Ingressa

M0033 - M0034 - English - M0035

34. Vulpes in Tugurium Ingressa. Vulpes esuriens, cum in tugurio quodam relictas a pastore carnes panemque vidisset, eo ingressa, quam suavissime devoravit. Tumefacto proinde ventre, cum inde exire non posset, suspirabat graviter atque lamentabatur. Alia autem vulpes cum illac forte transiret eiusque fletus audiisset, eo accedens, quam ob rem ita lugeret interrogavit. Cuius rei causam ubi intellexit, “Mane istic ergo tantisper,” inquit, “donec talis fias, qualis es ingressa.” Fabula significat quod tempus vel difficillima solvit.

Vulpes Obesa

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Griset images. Here it looks like the fox has gotten fat on chickens, not on food the shepherd left behind, as in the story.

M0034 = Perry024. Source: De Furia 12. This is Perry 24. In some versions of this fable (such as the famous version in Horace’s Epistles 1.7), the fox is rebuked by a weasel, and sometimes by another fox, as here. For the wolf trapped by his own swollen belly, see #66.

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