Thursday, March 17, 2011

Image: Draco et Aquila

M0629 - M0630 - M0631
630. Draco et Aquila. Draco et aquila, convoluti inter se, pugnabant. Et quidem draco cum ligatam detineret aquilam, videns id rusticus, soluta draconis spira, liberam dimisit aquilam. Quare iratus draco, venenum immisit in servantis potum. Hausturo vero, quod ignoraret, rustico advolans, aquila ex eius manibus calicem decussit. Eos qui bene alicui faciunt, manent gratiae.

M0630 = Perry395. Source: Aphthonius 28 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 395. Compare the fable of the grateful mouse, #208. For another grateful eagle, see #413.

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