Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Image: Eruca et Vipera

M0663 - M0664 - M0665
664. Eruca et Vipera. Dum sol olim aestivus ardet, eruca viperae dixit, “Me oppido miseret tui quae, tanta cum sis, per tesqua, silices, et tot vias inaequales humi repere cogeris. Sed Natura mihi dedit pedes innumeros, qui hoc meum corpusculum sustinerent.” “Tibi tamen,” inquit vipera, “nihil invideo. Namque, pedes quamquam non habeo, multo celerius te pervenire possum quo volo.”

M0664 (not in Perry). Source: Desbillons 10.43 (adapted into prose). This fable is not in Perry’s catalog; it appears original to Desbillons, as he cites no source. Compare the fable of the turtle and the lizard, #634.

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