Monday, August 29, 2011

Image: Scarabaeus et Apes

M0692 - M0693 - M0694
693. Scarabaeus et Apes. Scarabaeus conspexit apem mel permultum parantem petiitque ex ea ut se artem doceret. Apes morem ei gessit. Cum autem inveniret eum numquam mel facere intellecturum, aculeo eum percussit et interfecit. Scarabaeus moriens, “Iure,” inquit, “illud mihi accidit, ego enim in fimo habitans ad mel appropinquavi.”

M0693 (not in Perry). Source: Aramaic fables, p. 19. This fable is not in Perry’s catalog. For a story about the bees and beetles inviting one another to dinner, see #694.

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