Monday, August 16, 2010

Illustrated: Gallus et Ancillae

M0552 - M0553 - M0554
553. Gallus et Ancillae. Anus quaedam domi habebat complures ancillas quas quotidie, antequam lucesceret, ad galli gallinacei (quem domi alebat) cantum excitabat ad opus. Ancillae tandem, quotidiani negotii commotae taedio, gallum obtruncant, sperantes iam, necato illo, sese in medios dormituras dies. Sed haec spes miseras frustrata est. Hera enim, ut interemptum gallum rescivit, ancillas intempesta nocte surgere deinceps iubet.

Ancillae et Gallus

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Herrick images. Here you can see the old lady peeking through the window - and one of the maids see that they are being watched. Meanwhile, what do you think that poor rooster would say if he could talk? He is silent in all the versions of the fable that I know, but it would be very Aesopic for him to try to plead for his life.

M0553 = Perry055. Source: Barlow’s Aesop 37. This is Perry 55. Compare the fable of the man who killed his master’s donkey, #957.