Monday, August 16, 2010

Illustrated: Lupus et Sus

M0330 - M0331 - M0332
331. Sus Parturiens et Lupus. Parturiebat sus; pollicetur lupus se custodem fore fetus. Respondet puerpera lupi obsequio se non egere, oratque, si velit pius haberi, longius abeat; lupi enim benevolentia constabat non praesentia, sed absentia. Non sunt cuncta cunctis credenda; multi enim suam operam pollicentur non tui amore, sed sui, suum quaerentes commodum, non tuum.

Picture 13

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Herrick images and additional information. Note that in the image this sow has already given birth when the wolf shows up and you can tell that Herrick had fun including the little piglets as part of the scene. The's illustration matches the English text (which I think must be Croxall), which begins: "A Sow had just farrowed, and lay in the stye, with her whole litter of pigs about her. A Wolf, who longed for one of them, but knew not how to come at it, endeavored to insinuate himself into the Sow's good opinion…"
M0331 = Perry547. Source: Barlow’s Aesop 13. This is Perry 547. Compare the fable of the wolves and dogs visiting the sick donkey, #229.