Sunday, January 21, 2018

M0025: Leo Senex et Vulpes

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25. Leo Senex et Vulpes. Leo, defectus annis, recubabat in spelunca sua et aegrum simulabat. Visitatum regem complures venerunt bestiae, quas protinus devoravit. Accessit etiam vulpes, sed cauta ante speluncam procul stabat, salutans regem. “Cur non intras?” interrogavit leo. Vulpes respondit, “Quod video vestigia intrantium multa, at nulla exeuntium.”

leo et vulpes

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the colored Steinhowel images. You can see the artist has even drawn in some of those tell-tale animal tracks!

M0025 = Perry142. Source: Gildersleeve 7. This is Perry 142. For an animal who foolishly approaches the lion not once but twice, see the story of the “heartless” donkey, #236.

25. The Old Lion and the Fox. A lion, worn out with age, lay in his cave and pretended to be sick. Many animals came to visit their king, whom he immediately devoured. The fox also came, but stood cautiously in fromt of the cave, greeting the king. "Why don't you come in?" asked the lion. The fox replied, "Because I see many tracks of those going in, but no tracks of those coming out."