Monday, January 15, 2018

M0024: Leo Senex, Gemens

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24. Leo Senex, Gemens. Leo, gravatus aetate et febribus, iacebat, spiritum trahens extremum. Supervenit aper spumans dentibus, veterem iram effundens. Taurus cornibus corpus eius undique confodit. Asinus pedibus suis eum attrivit. Et dixit vix spirans cum gemitu, “Heu! Cum esset virtus, erat honor; fuit et timor, immo et opinio mea terruit plures. Deficientibus autem viribus, deficit honor.”

Leo Senex

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Rabier images; as you can see, it is from an edition of La Fontaine in French.

M0024 = Perry481. Source: Sheppey 40. This is Perry 481. For other stories about the old age of the animals, see the old horse in #275 or the old dog in #377. In other versions of this fable a special emphasis is put on the disgrace of being attacked by a donkey, who is a far less dignified opponent than the boar or the bull.

24. The Old Lion who Groaned. A lion, weighed down by old age and fevers, lay on the ground, drawing his last breath. A boar came upon him, foaming at the mouth and venting his long-standing anger with his tusks. A bull used his horns to pierce the lion's body all over. The donkey pounded the lion with his hooves. And scarcely able to breathe, the lion said with a groan, "Alas! When there was strength, there was honor, and there was also fear; my reputation alone was enough to terrify most animals. Now that my strength is going, all honor is gone also."