Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Illustrated: Taurus et Culex

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292. Taurus et Culex. Culex tauri occupaverat cornu, si scilicet eum onere suo posset deprimere. Cum vero taurus id prorsus neglexisset, culex inde cupiens avolare, extremis exploratis viribus, “Si,” inquit, “molestus sum tibi, onere te levabo avolans.” Respondet taurus, “Nec te, cum accessisses, sensi; nec sentiam, si rursus abieris.”

Taurus et Culex

Click here for a SLIDESHOW of all the Milo Winter images. You'll have to look hard to find the little gnat!

M0292 = Perry137. Source: Syntipas 47 (translated into Latin). This is Perry 137. Compare the fable of the gnat and the lion, #695, or the fly and the chariot, #680.

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